“Today New- Tomorrow Classic! You’re Invited to Free Music From Marc Maynon, Singer and Sonic Visionary. Blending 60’s Sensibilities, 70’s Style and Pouring You a Milk Shake All His Own.”

And now you can download 1 of his songs for free!

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Marc Maynon

WE ARE GALILEE – full of passion and textures that really set Marc Maynon apart from the fluffy pop stars of today.

INDEPENDENT CLAUSES – thoroughly ingested British Invasion songcraft.

SOUND OF CONFUSION – vintage songwriting that could be from the ’60s were it not for more modern production;

Marc’s voice and songs have been gaining attention throughout the Bay Area and around California. “Maynon’s voice can encompass a breathy vulnerability to strong passion at the turn of a phrase” – Tate Swindell of Unrequited Records. Marc’s song I Never Think With My Head was nominated for the best Pop song of 2015 on Indie Music People’s Golden Kayaks. “Marc has a great knack for creating memorable winding melodies and words that you won’t soon forget” – babysue. The music of Marc Maynon is an excellent addition to your music collection and it’s the perfect selection for every time you want to escape on a sonic adventure.

Marc is now giving away a free single from his 2015 album “Watch Pot”Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to a free track.

So enter your name and email address and share in the adventure of Marc’s music. As Tate Swindell of Unrequited Records remarks “I look forward to hearing where Marc Maynon travels musicosmically”.